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25 beautiful crocheting from each other

You are a creative person, you like to do practical and beautiful things yourself and you want to learn more about handicraft? Then you are exactly right with us! Here you meet like-minded people who, like you, find it huge to create something unique. Discover in our four great theme worlds for sewing, plotting, crafts, knitting, crochet and embroidery everything about your favorite hobby, browse the magazine and be inspired by the creative work in the show!

25 crocheting ideas

Crocheting is your handwork school on the internet. We offer you step-by-step HD quality video tutorials with professional trainers. Makerist is made up of maker and artist – because our hearts beat for the combination of handmade and creativity, from which the unique can emerge. Since summer 2013 we offer a platform for all who share this love with us.

In our sewing world, you will discover sewing lessons from the first steps on the sewing machine to the cutting design and a huge range of sewing instructions and patterns for printing, beautiful fabrics, sewing machines, haberdashery and sewing accessories. Our sewing school can quickly remedy small and large problems with the sewing machine. In the theme world for knitting and crocheting, we provide you with the techniques for beginners and professionals, knitting instructions and crochet tutorials in PDF format including wool and yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks. But synonymous in terms of plotter files and crafting instructions you come with Makerist not too short. Do it yourself made easy!

25 beautiful crochet from each other

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